Just My Opinion 9-22-17

There has been much speculation about how Vi Lyles beat Jennifer Roberts for Mayor in the Democratic primary. Yes,  Roberts espoused many unpopular issues such as the so called bathroom bill and showed limited leadership during the riots.  But this was a stunning defeat for Jennifer who is the incumbent Mayor.  In my opinion the endorsement of the Black Political Caucus caused the margin of difference. Every candidate including Lyles endorsed by the Caucus won the Democratic primary.  Roberts was not.For example  note what the Caucus did for their endorsees.

  • Collected $7500 for the candidates to fund their Get out the Vote effort.
  • Mailed flyers to all A voter households in the city of Charlotte, reaching over 10,000 voters.
  • Distributed flyers to churches
  • Sent personal letters to pastors
  • Did a social media campaign on Facebook
  • Delivered flyers to Black Businesses, Barber Shops, etc
  • Most GOTV members worked on election day staffing precincts or delivering ballots


Because Vi Lyles was endorsed by the Caucus she reaped the benefits of the massive Caucus GOV effort and won overwhelmingly. Collett Forest is the leader of the Black Political Caucus and it is through her leadership and efforts that Lyles is the Democratic nominee for Mayor.


Heard on the Street 9-22-17

  • Matthew Ridenhour has been a busy man these days.  Not only did he deliver his son Hobson in his driveway August 17, he is a risk analyst for FIS Global and he has founded a small company Fortitudine Cleaning Services.  He does light to medium interior commercial demolition, post construction clean up and general cleaning.  All I can say is whew!
  • Governor Pat McCrory has begun a daily segment on WBT 1110 AM radio. Yeah, yeah yeah, I know. The  Observer and WSOC-TV has spun this news but without the particulars that I’m about to  to give you. His segments will run every day Monday through Friday at 7:15 AM and will last five minutes. These will run through the election in November. Word has it the station hopes to make it a permanent gig for him.
  • Scoop: The Liberty restaurant building, the building across from it which houses Tupelo Honey and the entire adjacent parking lot has been put under contract by a large out of town developer.  This is prime property in SouthEnd next to the light rail line. Whether and when it closes or not remains to be seen.
  • Black Political Caucus:   Rumor has it the Caucus plans to only endorse two at large City Council Candidates for the General election , rather than four as they did in the primary. Wonder which two that would be?  Smuggie and Braxton?
  • State Senator Joel Ford:  although he came in third in the Democratic Mayoral primary, he plans to stay in the state senate and run again for that office in 2018.
  • Nick Simmonette group Vice President at Raycom media plans to retire January 31 after 40 years in the business.  I got to know Nick when he served as Vice President and General Manager at WBTV in Charlotte.  Congratulations, Nick!
  • Mark Washburn Veteran Charlotte Observer columnist has accepted a gig beginning in January as a writer for Business North Carolina.  Ahhh, to have Mark’s writing back in print is a wonderful thing.  He does know how to turn a phrase unlike any other.
  • Kenny Smith As of September 22, Republican Mayoral candidate Kenny Smith has  contributions totaling $375,000 in the bank.
  • Upcoming Mayoral debates....October 18 an Observer millennial debate and an Observer WBTV debate on November 1.
  • Former County Manager Harry Jones will officially have Renaissance Park Golf Course named after him October 14 at 10:00 AM….. As of October 14 it will be named The Harry Jones, Sr Golf Course. What a wonderful testimony to him and his leadership in Mecklenburg County.  He touched with love so many people and I was blessed to call him my good friend.