2018 Charlotte City Council Retreat

The Charlotte City Council is meeting at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham beginning today (Wednesday) through February 2 (Friday) for their annual retreat.  For years the retreat is a two and half day segment of time for the Council to get away from family, work and other distractions to focus solely on developing together a vision and strategy for the future of the City of Charlotte. This year topics include growing our economic base, building great neighborhoods, investing in the community and connecting residents to job.  Pretty meaty, I’d say.

It is also a time for Council Members, the Mayor and staff to fraternize in the evening over dinner, drinks and the like to acquaint themselves better with each other (I remember the Council retreats with Mayor Pat McCrory.  Every evening he would set up several card tables in his room for poker .)

This Council is in dire need of this relationship building  time.  With five new Council Members….Braxton Winston, Larken Egleston, Tariq Bokhari, Justin Harlow ,Matt Newton all under the age of forty, and six who are veterans, Already after only  months there appears to be a rift developing between the old and the new.     It is imperative in my opinion that the Council start this two year term on firm footing and some semblance of trust.  Of course, the city doesn’t benefit from milk toast agreement among the Council.  However, good and hearty discussion is the hallmark of good governing and Lord knows Charlotte needs a dose of that.

This retreat could be a train wreck.  My fingers are crossed that it isn’t. Charlotte needs a display of firm, wise leadership to steer our municipality of over 800,000 citizens to a continued prosperous future or there will be difficulty for them to govern..


Lynn Wheeler