Lots of buzz today…

Let me start with elections:

Congressional District 9 has two opponents in the Republican primary May   8 as we know.  But another candidate has entered the scene…Clarence Goins from Fayetteville, a Republican….officially announced Saturday that he is running. According to Facebook pictures he had quite the announcement so it indicates he is serious. His  entrance in the race  sets up a three way Republican primary…incumbent Robert Pittenger,  retired minister Mark Harris , who ran against Pittenger in 2016, and now Clarence Goins.  The winner of the primary May 8  will face Democrat Dan McCready in the general election to be held in November.

Dan Bishop… Dan, a Republican incumbent in Senate District 39  widely known as the author of the controversial  state bill HB2 has a an opponent. Beth Monaghan, considered a moderate Republican, has announced she is setting up a strategy to defeat Bishop in the primary May 8.  She has a list of strong credentials which makes her a viable contender. She lives in Charlotte.

Colette Forrest:  Where oh where is the dynamo who chaired the Black Political Caucus  during the 2017 City elections.  Speculation abounds… where will she show up next.  Colette recently retired as Chairman of the Black Political Caucus and she is credited for the outstanding victories of those candidates who had the Caucus endorsements in 2017. Those of us who follow these things wonder what’s next for Colette. It seems she is working on the Garry McFadden for sheriff campaign.  I received an invitation from her for his kick off which was held last Saturday. She tells me she is not chairing McFadden’s campaign  but wherever she is , mind you, she’s a force. McFadden is challenging incumbent Sheriff Irwin Carmichael in the May 8 Democratic primary. Antoine Ensley, a Democrat, is throwing his hat into the sheriff race as well creating a three way primary for Sheriff May 8.He has scheduled a meet and greet for February 7.

Congressional District 12. Democrat Alma Adams ,the incumbent, may face challenger Sharon Hudson, a Republican in the November General Election.  Sharon lives in Davidson which is in Congressional District 12 and has been a leader in the anti toll movement.  She tells me she is seriously considering a run, which will pit her against Adams in the November General.

Charlotte’s 250 anniversary.  I had no idea our venerable city has been around since its incorporation in 1768.  Heard tell that City Manager Marcus Jones has set up a CLT Executive Steering Committee , a small group  to help plan for Charlotte’s 250th anniversary. First meeting is scheduled for next week.

John Fennebresque, better know as the Czar or Tudor by his good friends, officially retired from  Mc Guire Woods law firm  December 31. He is a former Chairman of the UNC Board of Governors and is known for his financial support of local and statewide Republican candidates.  I have known John for years…in fact he was my first finance chairman in 1989 when  I ran for City Council .  He and his wife Frances have been friends since their daughter Amy and my daughter Lisa were in school together . John gets a bum rap from people some time because he is a direct, in charge type of person, but I can tell you from experience that  he is one of the kindest, loyal people I know.  He may be retired from McGuire Woods but he will still be around for support and advice for Republicans …. and, of course, his friends.

~Lynn wheeler