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Just My Opinion 10-13-17

Millennials, millennials, millennials.  In the last few years much has been made about their socioeconomic impact .  Because they are a growing segment of the US population, efforts have been made by restaurants, apartment builders, and other segments of the economy to attract them as consumers.

Just look at the recent Charlotte Democratic primary.  This was a huge primary considering it was to decide the Democrats nomination for Mayor and city council. Two strong opponents were taking on incumbent Mayor Jennifer Roberts and substantial efforts were made to attract millennials to vote.  After all, they are the largest segment of the Charlotte population at 29 percent.  Several forums were held targeting only millennials because they were seen as a new emerging force in local politics. All held at breweries, of course.

Was this a valid assumption that millennial  would come out in full force to vote?


According to an analysis made by Jim Morrill at The Charlotte Observer: voters under the age of 25 made up a mere 2 percent of those who voted in the 2017 primary.  Those under  40 made up less than 18 percent while voters over the age of 40 made up 82 percent  In  fact 33 % were 65 or older.

What does this mean for future elections, at least in the near future?  Candidates should target 40 year and older voters, because they are wasting their efforts on millennials. I hope Morrill breaks down the general election stats and we can see if this is a trend that is solid, at least for the time being.

This is a fascinating read: http:/



Just My Opinion 9-22-17

There has been much speculation about how Vi Lyles beat Jennifer Roberts for Mayor in the Democratic primary. Yes,  Roberts espoused many unpopular issues such as the so called bathroom bill and showed limited leadership during the riots.  But this was a stunning defeat for Jennifer who is the incumbent Mayor.  In my opinion the endorsement of the Black Political Caucus caused the margin of difference. Every candidate including Lyles endorsed by the Caucus won the Democratic primary.  Roberts was not.For example  note what the Caucus did for their endorsees.

  • Collected $7500 for the candidates to fund their Get out the Vote effort.
  • Mailed flyers to all A voter households in the city of Charlotte, reaching over 10,000 voters.
  • Distributed flyers to churches
  • Sent personal letters to pastors
  • Did a social media campaign on Facebook
  • Delivered flyers to Black Businesses, Barber Shops, etc
  • Most GOTV members worked on election day staffing precincts or delivering ballots


Because Vi Lyles was endorsed by the Caucus she reaped the benefits of the massive Caucus GOV effort and won overwhelmingly. Collett Forest is the leader of the Black Political Caucus and it is through her leadership and efforts that Lyles is the Democratic nominee for Mayor.