Charlotte Buzz

District Attorney Andrew Murray ..Straight from the horse’s mouth ….our Mecklenburg County Distinct Attorney’s nomination for US Attorney was approved by the Senate Judicial Committee Thursday and his nomination heads straight to the full Senate for a vote by Thanksgiving . Once Senate approves, Trump will sign a resolution appointing Andrew.  Now comes the buzz on who will replace him as DA.  Governor Cooper appoints his vacancy and it is assumed it will be  a Democrat like Cooper.  Andrew supports Spencer Merriweather a current ADA in his office who is a Democrat and a Princeton grad as well. Let the lobbying begin.

A few fun tidbits…

Did you realize former BofA Pres Hugh McColl coached a  high school church league at Covenant Presbyterian Church in the 60’s?  I love that. He and wife Jane are still members there.

After every notable  sentencing Federal Judge Frank Whitney has made.  his wife Katherine  has glasses engraved with the convicted last words to Whitney?  Can’t be more than four words and has to be esoteric.

 Tariq Bokhari , about to be elected to represent City Council Dis trict 6 has been named Executive Director of the Carolina Fintech Hub, a Joint Non-Profit Venture focused on attracting new market talent and fintech startup companies to the city and region. Tariq’s new organization has already launched a Hackathon with UNCC as well as held the HiveStorm event where over 120 community members came to participate in the Amazon HQ2 RFP. Tariq has a had a full 2007…a new baby and two new jobs.  Congrats, Tariq.

County Commissioner Mathew Ridenhour recently had a big birthday…number 40!  I remember when Matthew at 32 ran for City Council At large in 2009. He’s had a momentous 2017 so far….new baby, which he incidentally delivered himself in his own driveway. I bet during his tours in Iraq he never fathomed his next challenge would be delivering a baby!