In my opinion the Mecklenburg County Republican party is toast. What do I attribute that do?

Number 1. Extremely poor leadership at the the top. There is significant party infighting and no strategic get the vote out efforts. With only 21% of registered Republicans in the City of Charlotte efforts should have been made to target unaffiliated voters.

Dan Barry, Union County GOP Chair and candidate for Congress against Robert Pittenger in 2012 ,has been brought in to ‘fix” the MeckGop. He even contacted me to set up a lunch meeting. I threw him a few dates but he has yet to get back to me. Guess he changed his mind.

Number 2: My friend and Republican County Commissioner Matthew Ridenhour put it to me most succinctly as an image problem as well.

Strategically, whether we Republicans want to admit it or not, we have a local image and messaging problem. We are viewed as being unwilling to change in an ever-changing world, that we do not welcome diversity in thought or in membership, and that we are out of touch with the day to day cares and interests of anyone who is not Republican. We have a messaging problem, because our outreach and communication often comes across as plastic, indifferent, and formulaic. Furthermore, we are not effectively using today’s issues and themes to communicate our principals and solutions. These points are what I consistently hear from my unaffiliated and Democrat friends. 

From a tactical standpoint, we need to look at how this translates down to the district level and precinct level. City council districts that 10 years ago were being won by the GOP by 50 points are now being won by 26 points. If these trends continue, within 10 years the GOP will not hold many seats in Mecklenburg County, and certainly none in Charlotte. I know this is not what Republicans want to hear, but we have to do some serious soul-searching if we intend to turn the tide here in Charlotte”

$64,000 question:  can the MeckGop fix this?

Great analysis by Steve Harrison of the Charlotte Observer on the districting problem as well.